Our design

Designs that celebrate craftsmanship, longevity and sustainability.

We build each collection on the basis of functionality and versatility. Design at Vezavena is about creating ‘effortless’ pieces that instantly elevate an outfit. A careful attention to detail, timeless design, sustainable yarns and quality are at the core of our design approach. A Vezavena piece is designed to be worn with ease from day to night.

We find inspiration in natural elements, crafts from around the world and the circumstances surrounding us. We incorporate and integrate the latest trends progressively, adapting them to our style as a brand.

Without compromising our work and our values, we combine contemporary style with sustainable execution to offer unique pieces produced in a respectful way towards the environment and the community surrounding us.

Our materials

Natural fibers, recycled and sustainable yarns and fabrics.

The materials we choose directly impact the longevity and durability of our garments, their care, as well as whether they become waste or part of a new life cycle at the end of their use. Our goal is to offer feminine and unique garments made ethically and sustainably, continually increasing the proportion of sustainable items in each upcoming collection.

Changing our mix of yarns for better options takes time. We have reviewed all the materials that we have used in previous seasons to have a clearer idea of where we are now, where we want to go and what we have to change.

Taking the SS21 collection as a starting point, we are committed to using only high quality organic, biodegradable or recycled materials and yarns. Our latest collection has been made with recycled cotton, polyester and viscose. By using recycled fibers, we give a second life to raw materials that would otherwise end up in the ocean or in a landfill. This brings us one step closer to a circular model.

Our manufacturing

In-house atelier and local manufacturing.

Our factory and part of the offices are located in Toledo, Spain. We own all the elements that are part of our supply chain. We consider that it is our duty and responsibility to create a fair, safe and healthy working environment for our teams and employees throughout our supply chain, and in this way we are in full control.

We create 100% of the collections in our family facilities where a carefully selected team elaborates each garment, from the creation of initial sketches to the manufacturing of each piece by hand. Our design team works under the same roof as our pattern makers and garment makers, in our own workshop to develop the Vezavena collections.

Working closely together allows us to create garments with great attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship, delivering functionality, quality and style without compromise. We pride ourselves on our personal touch and have a close relationship with all the people who work with us.

Our Partners

Our yarns are GRS certified.

Throughout our supply chain, we work with suppliers who share our values of responsibility, transparency and sustainability and who have a real impact on the industry without compromising the high quality of their products.

Our main spinning supplier is pioneers in sustainable yarns, with a practically non-existent climate footprint.

All their yarns have the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certificate that verifies the origin of the recycled materials, as well as the responsible social, environmental and chemical production practice.

Environmental footprint for the planet

Vezavena Yarns*


Solar Energy

Photovoltaic panels that produce electricity from renewable sources, thus enhancing our sustainable wires.


Water Use

ECOLIFE sustainable and ecological yarns do not consume water during the manufacturing process.


Quemical products

ECOLIFE yarns are produced without chemical additives that affect the environment, in this way we respect our ecosystem.


Co2 Emissions

The manufacturing process in does not produce CO2 emissions. Everything to take care of you and us too.

*Resources used by our main supplier during the manufacturing process of sustainable yarns in the production complex.

Vezavena yarns*


Crops Savings

2.48 m2 of cultivated area cease of being occupied for each kilogram of sustainable yarn that is produced.

3485 L

Water Saving

A total of 3,485 liters of water are saved for every kilogram of sustainable yarns produced.

6,77 Kwh

Electric Saving

6.77 Kwh of electric current are not consumed for each kilogram that is produced.

1,62 Kg

Co2 Reduction

We are avoiding the emission of 1.62 Kg of CO2 into the atmosphere for each kilogram of yarn produced.

*Resource savings for each kilogram of ECOLIFE yarn produced.

Our impact

To create a positive impact on the community that surrounds us and to bring sustainable fashion to everyone is our vision for the brand.

We contemplate all aspects of the collections that we design and produce. It is important to us that each manufacturing process is respectful towards the community surrounding us and the planet.

We have the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certificate of social responsibility through which we are committed to analyze, control and reduce the social impacts of our activities.



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